Farmfluencers Of South Tyrol 

Community and Storytelling

The Project "Farmfluencers of South Tyrol" is based on my Master Thesis in Eco-Social Design at Free University of Bolzano. It is based on ethnographic research and participatory design practices. 

The project created a new community of farmer, who are following innovative, regenerative or sustainable practises in agriculture and have the potential to positively influence their surroundings. Short: Farmfluencers.

Workshops and Network meetings are stenghthening the bonds and neighbourliness between farmers that are willing to transform their way of working towards a sustainable future.

The Project aims to foster transformation through emotions and thus includes also a strong storytelling part. A website, vivid social media channels, podcast and shortmovies are telling the stories of the Farmfluencers and are aiming to inspire people for the eco-social transformation in agriculture.

Farmfluencers Of South Tyrol
Design research, Storytelling, Screen Design, Creative Producing, Social Media, Corporate Identity, Illustration, Photography, Sounddesign

Photo: Alessandro Pizzo, Fiera Bolzano; Editing: Meike Hollnaicher